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What is "abrAsus"?

Abrasus is a combination of the Latin word "shave off" and the Japanese word "oil". We wanted to create something that would serve as a lubricant or for daily life by cutting down on waste. The "Thin Wallet," launched in 2009, was designed to be "comfortable in the pocket. This "Thin Wallet," won the Good Design Award for its original structure. It is not only structurally thin, but also a miniature wallet that is designed to minimize one's belongings and make one's life more comfortable. More than 10 years after its launch, the product has become synonymous with the brand and chosen by many minimalists as an item. Here, designer Kazushige Minami talks about "abrAsus Hotel.



Creating value from scratch
without being bound by
existing product
design conventions
Giving form to what we want

Q:Why did you decide to create a hotel?

Minami:Wallets and bags happened to be the mainstay of the abrAsus brand in the apparel items business, but I had always wanted to design cars, airplanes, cities, and many other things from scratch if possible. I am also involved in producing products based on other people's ideas, but I like the time I spend designing things myself. I have always loved staying at hotels and inns, and whenever I stayed at various hotels, I would be impressed by the design or the service, or I would think of something that could be done better, and I would enjoy it. Eventually, this feeling escalated to the point that I wanted to design buildings. However, as has been the case in the past, I have always lived in a rented house without deciding where I would live for a long time, and designing my own home has been difficult to achieve. Then I thought about building a vacation home, but I came to the conclusion that I would not go to the same vacation home many times a year, since I like to travel to different places in the first place. That is when I finally arrived at the idea of building a hotel.

Q:What is the concept of
the hotel?

Minami:It is a "hybrid of a hotel and a camp. In creating the hotel, we were particular about what kind of experience would be most memorable for us. For example, a ryokan, Japanese inn, is a place where you can receive the best service with the hospitality “Omotenashi” that Japan prides itself on. With delicious food, hot springs, and other amenities, you can expect the most relaxing experience. However, if you stay at a number of ryokan, there is not much difference in food and service, so after a couple of years, you will not even know where you stayed and what kind of service you received. I felt that was not the kind of "memorable experience" I wanted to provide in a hotel. I don't care if it's not that comfortable, I want to make it more stimulating for the guests who stay at the hotel. What I arrived at was the idea of “camping.” For better or worse, camping experiences are memorable. You go shopping on the way there, set up the tent when you get there, and prepare the food. You get together with your friends and family in the great outdoors, and before you know it, it's time for dinner..." "The rice was burnt, but still delicious.” This is one of the best parts of camping. It is an experience that can only be gained by doing something together, moving our bodies, rather than passively being served. However, camping is not always perceived as a "good experience. It is physically exhausting, and depending on the climate, it can be cold or hot. You may not be able to sleep at all because of the noisy tents next door or insects coming in.... If this is the case, you will be left with nothing but exhaustion, and you will probably feel tired in the car on the way back to your home. Some people may feel like that. If this is the case, why not combine the good points of a hotel and a camp? abrAsus Hotel is a hotel where you can experience the real thrill of living in nature while staying in a hotel.

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