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Guest reviews for all seasons

abrAsus Hotel has hosted editors, creators, and many other guests
This page contains reviews and
photos shared by the guests who stayed at abrAsus Hotel in each season.

*The titles are the guests at the time of their stay.



It's an experience you don't usually get.
A comfortable space that makes you feel like “I would definitely come back.”

Editor-in-Chief of Numero TOKYO

Ms. Ako Tanaka

The food was very delicious.
I was impressed by the recipe made with many spices.
In addition, we all had a great time experiencing the coffee from roasting the beans. It's an experience you don't usually get.”

Outside air bathing with a view of Mt. Fuji is a great experience

Editor, Gentosha

Mr. Ryosuke Nihonyanagi

I thought it was nice that I didn't see anyone except for the initial handover of the key. It's also good for an executive camp for work. This idea prevents the Corona Disaster. There is a good running track with hills, so I thought it would be good for a bike or run camp. Also, the sauna was nice. The water bath and the outside air bathing was a great experience with views of Mt. Fuji."

You can also do yoga and walk your dog.
The most attractive feature is the size of the private grounds.

General Producer of "Fashion tsushin”

Mr. Makoto Jinbo

The surroundings are enclosed, so I was able to fully enjoy the private atmosphere.
The sauna is especially great because you can enjoy the view outside. The bath also has a borrowed view of the outside and the modern
construction made me feel luxurious. The overall appeal of this is its minimalist look and feel. The lawn is beautiful and you can do yoga in the yard, walk the dog, etc. I felt that the most attractive thing about the hotel is the large private grounds, which other hotels don't have."

A top-class luxury hotel and
Mother nature at the same time. The one and only facility where you can experience both at the same time.

Editor-in-Chief of "THE RAKE JAPAN”

Mr. Kentaro Matsuo

The inside of the property was truly a different world.
First of all, I was surprised by
the high quality and tasteful of the interior. Everything was functional and luxurious. The dining room had a large table that was perfect for entertaining, and the bedrooms were furnished with soft beds used in top hotels. The two bedrooms are completely separated from each other, so even if you go in a group of two, you will have complete privacy. They are perfectly hidden from the outside of the property as well. We also found the building itself to be highly soundproof). The children and their dog were happily running around in the large yard, which is planted with grass. There is even a skateboard and water pistol playground, which the kids love. Special note was the sauna car, which became hot when you put firewood made by "chopping wood" in it. I chopped wood for the first time in my life. The two huge bathtubs next to it can be filled with hot and cold water separately. I was addicted to the loop of sauna, water bath, and evening breeze, and repeated it more than five times. The items, such as shavers and body soap. is also perfect. The meals are prepared in a prepared style, and anyone can prepare delicious food by following the instructions in the manual. Professional kitchen equipment
and unlimited use of nearly 20 spices make this a great place for cooking enthusiasts. In any case, it is stylish and “really attentive to my needs” services and facilities.” It is also wonderful to be able to look up and see the various faces of Mt. Fuji, I never knew that the flashing lights of climbers can be seen even from the foot of the mountain at night. I think this is the one and only facility where you can experience both a top-class luxury hotel and Mother nature at the same time!

There is a magic that often washes away the sediment that tends to accumulate in the mind.

81 Inc. CEO, Editor, Producer

Ms. Yuka Okada

Even if Mt. Fuji is hiding in the clouds, there is a sauna car! From chopping wood to assembling wood, water is rising up when it is poured on the stones, and the power of the heat and steam that draws out the fragrance of the wood in the room, the time spent exploring the zone where I feel comfortable was detoxifying not only my body but also my mind. Fuji's "Air" and the completely outdoor living room, surrounded by the refreshing air, has a magic that often washes away the sediment that tends to accumulate in our minds in these times of great change. A morning walk around the area after waking up early, combined with the seasonal flowers blooming along the roadside (colorful cosmos were in full bloom when I stayed here) and the sight of farmers working the land, makes it a time to feel the blessings of the Narusawa Village land.


The best choice for the start of the year Sacred Site Hotel

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of "Tokyo Calendar

Mr. Hiroyuki Masayasu

I spent an auspicious and luxurious time while viewing the Fuji on New Year's day. I stayed with a friend and his family, and the small children played within eyeshot in the yard, so the adults could enjoy their drinks in peace. The bath and sauna are both a paradise with a view of the Fuji sunset. I have only stayed once, but this is Sacred Site Hotel to choose to start the year."

The sauna was very therapeutic, with wood split with the children!

Drummer of "Ling tosite sigure“

Mr. Pierre Nakano

The staff was not present except when we checked in and checked out, which gave us the feeling of having been transported to a strange, different world.
Even a six-year-old child can experience chopping wood, smoking, cooking rice in clay pots, lava plates, vermicular, saunas, two types of spacious baths, mixing bath salts, hot sandwiches, coffee roasting, and much more. The explanations, guidance, and tools are well organized, so even an inexperienced person like myself could enjoy the experience. The attention to detail is felt everywhere, and it is quiet and comfortable. Especially, The sauna with wood which I chopped with my kids was very therapeutic! My favorite part! My wife and kids were very happy and it was a great vacation!"

Mt. Fuji, which was
perfectly visible, got me excited.


Mr. Rowland Kirishima

Mt. Fuji, which was perfectly visible, got me excited.
The sauna was positive for the event.
The food, which everyone worked so hard to prepare, was delicious and plentiful! The games and amenities are perfect! I can't wait to go back and play again!"

Picturesque views from every room and the warm sunshine is
very comfortable!

Designer of the apparel brand "WALDE


"I left the city center with
only my belongings and was healed by the modern hotel and beautiful Mt. Fuji The picturesque view from the living room, dining room, bathroom and bedroom, and the warm sunlight were very comfortable.

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